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Galeet Dardashti at UC Berkeley

Galeet Dardashti: High Holiday Sacred Songs (Piyyutim) from Pulpit to Pop Chart

Performing Arts – Music: Lecture/demonstration: Co-sponsored event | September 22 | 7:30 p.m. |  Jewish Community Center, East Bay

1414 Walnut St, Berkeley, CA 94709

Jewish Music Festival

Presentation of Jewish Middle Eastern and North African (Mizrahi) High Holiday piyyut traditions. Come hear and learn several of these beautiful songs, and gain an understanding of their shifting cultural significance—from ancient Israel to the Middle Ages, and their new relevance in contemporary Israeli pop music.

As the granddaughter of Yona Dardashti, the most renowned singer of Persian classical music in Iran in his day, and daughter of highly esteemed cantor Farid Dardashti, Middle Eastern vocalist and composer Galeet Dardashti is the first woman in her family to continue her family tradition of distinguished Persian and Jewish musicianship.

Galeet also pursues her passion for Jewish music and culture as an anthropologist. She recently completed her Ph.D. in anthropology on the performance of contemporary Mizrahi and Arab music in Israel.


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