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Gabor Ekecs Reimagines Disney Hall In Disorienting Prints

As if the futuristic architecture of Frank Gehry’s Disney Hall wasn’t trippy enough, Gabor Ekecs has created disorienting photographs of the iconic structure by using a number of perspectives to create one impossible image.


Ekecs, a photographer from Munich, Germany, warps architecture as if it were saltwater taffy. Whether fanning a building out or compressing it like an accordion, Ekecs breaks down the expectations of what a building can be. “I want to break open three-dimensionality” he wrote on his website.


The photo collages combine paradoxical angles and fractured edges to create a dizzying architectural sight. Ekecs draws inspiration from the already dreamlike architecture of Gehry’s modern masterpiece and takes the building’s bold whimsy to the next level.


The exhibition press release states: “Familiar images of the Los Angeles experience are forced to shimmy and veer off at strange oblique angles, a crazed architectural dance that celebrates the symbolic and mythic potential of architecture even in a city that thrives on continually re-creating its myths and infrastructures on a regular basis.”


The deconstructed icon will show at PC Colour Lab from March 8 until March 31 in Los Angeles.


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