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FOCUS ON DANCE EDUCATION: Many Cultures, Strength Through Diversity Conference

When: October 24-28, 2012

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

How do cultural traditions of the past affect contemporary trends in dance education and how do current trends relate back? How do we preserve dance traditions and remain relevant in today’s cultural and educational paradigm? How can study of cultural dance traditions support the larger creative goals of dance? How do we expose our students to the many different cultural dance forms given limited studio time and resources? How do we honor traditional cultural dance traditions while facilitating the creation of new culturally relevant and expressive work? How does cultural diversity impact the artistic processes (creating, performing, and responding) in teaching and learning; and making connections to 21st century learning skills? What is the responsibility of dance educators to impact and change community, state and national policy in light of cultural diversity?

National Dance Eduction Organization (NDEO) has always held diversity to be an essential part of conference. The 2012 national conference focuses on cultural diversity, exploring how a multicultural approach to education in dance and the creative process strengthens the field and how dance education partnered with cultural education enriches our understanding of the important role cultural traditions play in our lives.

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