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Flatlanders on the Slant Opening and Panel Discussion

July 12 – August 17, 2012
Opening July 12, 5:30-7:30pm

Panel Discussion
July 12, 4:30pm
Stephen Kaltenbach, Liv Moe, and Ron Peetz

Location: Richard L. Nelson Gallery at UC Davis

The Slant Step was a legendary art phenomenon that swept through the Davis art scene almost fifty years ago. It was initiated when William T. Wiley purchased an object from a thrift store as a gift for Bruce Nauman, his student at UC Davis at the time. The slant step, as they called it, had no identifiable use, but clearly had been built and used by someone for something over a long period of time. It became the inspiration for hundreds of iterations of slant step-inspired art works and became a major part of Davis art history. For the (sorta) fiftieth anniversary, Renny Pritikin, Nelson Director, and Joy Bertinuson, guest curator, have invited (sorta) fifty artists to mark the occasion with new slant step work. This exhibition will also be the fourth version of Pritikin’s biennial survey of regional art, Flatlanders.

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