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Film a telling of your dream for Dreams Undreamt – a public installation

Deadline: 09-30-2012

About Dreams Undreamt – “filming dreams for art: a public installation”

Dreams Undreamt invites you, and all people, to film your dream and upload it to Dreams Undreamt dream library and archive. The sharing of dreams has been an important part of any cultures.

This project belongs to all people of all ages – regardless of quality of equipment or video, or cinematography style. You can film a simple telling, or re-enact your dream. You can do a voice-over narrative with visuals of your choice.


There is a page titled “Post Your Dream Film!.” On the page there is a contact form. At the top of the form are the words, “submit a text post.” CLICK ON IT and a drop-down menu will appear that shows other types of posts you may submit. Click “submit a video post” and the rest is up to you!
Note: we must approve posts before they appear on the site. We make every effort to do this in a timely manner, so check back in a couple of weeks. If you do NOT want your dream to be used to help get the word out about the project, please let us know.

GOT QUESTIONS? There’s a page and a submit form for that, too.

The Dreams Undreamt site will remain up, so yes, you can add it to your C.V.!

Hope to see your dream soon!

Dreams Undreamt

Deadline: 09-30-2012
Brianna Lea Pruett & Stan Okumura
Sacramento, California

Contact: Brianna Pruett

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