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Felice Blake: The Poetics of Struggle

Felice Blake (UC Santa Barbara): $1,000.00 for The Poetics of Struggle. Co-Sponsorship

Given his national reputation as a published and performance poet, as well as his professional experience working with educators and students in New York, we believe that Daniel Silber-Baker will be an invaluable resource and presence at UCSB as artist-in-residence. As artist-in-residence he will be able to hold an INT course during the Spring quarter 2014 that will engage students’ creative and critical skills in the production of spoken word poetic performances. The course and his residency at UCSB will contribute to activist, intellectual, and poetic interventions into the discussion of race, power, and struggle in the post Civil Rights era.

We seek to bridge intellectual work with community connection and engagement. What lines of flight, poetics of struggle, and radical imaginaries become possible within alternative modes of circulating knowledge? While never minimizing the importance of examining the operation of institutional power, our questions look to the ways in which power operates on the ground (broadly conceived) in the everyday. Thinking only of power in the abstract on an institutional level risks both sanitizing affective structures of oppression and foreclosing possibilities for intervention. The program thus offers opportunities for engaging students, faculty, and community members, giving us coalitional work to do.

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