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fauxlographic with UCIRA artist elle mehrmand

//elle mehrmand

november [21-23] 2011

opening reception monday 11-21-11 @ 6pm
performance @ 7pm

university of california san diego
visual arts facility // performance space

gallery hours: tues-wed 12-6
performance @ 3pm

fauxlographic is a performative installation that takes place within an ethno-dysphoric cloning lab, where one can clone themself in order to analyze their diasporic anxiety. The fauxlographic clones enact sonic rituals in Farsi, English and Perz-ish, based on multiple sources of information including embodied memories, wikileaks cables, and textual references concerning Iran and Persia. The ethno-dysphoric scientist performs a daily computing ritual wearing a neuro-headset, (pars)ing the (fars)e of the clones’ information. When high levels of CO2 are detected by the lab’s sensors, the pixellated flesh of the clones degrade and multiply, reciprocating the affective presence of other bodies. The use of organic sensors transforms the lab into a spatial interface, confusing the somatic architecture of the performance.

ellemehrmand at gmail dot com

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