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Exposure: Mike Phillips – Exhibition at the UCLA Art | Sci Center

Exhibition Opening 03/07/2012 5:00 – 7:00 PM at CNSI Gallery
Lecture at UCLA Broad Art Center, room 5240 03/07/2012 2:00 PM


Exposure is an exhibition of work by Mike Phillips, professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, School of Art & Media at Plymouth University.


Exposure explores the deterioration of the flesh through the temporality of the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). From the 60th second of a second exposure of the Kodak Brownie camera to the 20-minute scan of the AFM – the closer the subject the longer the ‘exposure.’ Incorporating data from an AFM scan of a basal cell carcinoma, Exposure explores the ideologies constructed around imaging technologies. Through a subtle interaction the viewer conjures up a dynamic data/ image of a skin cancer – overexposed to the sun – or the intense light of the camera flashgun.

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