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Erin Johnson & Amanda Eicher: Tactical Aesthetics and Activism

• Erin Johnson and Amanda Eicher (UC Berkeley): $2,000.00 for Tactical Aesthetics and Activism

The Tactical Aesthetics and Activism Working Group, a cross-disciplinary collaboration of students, lecturers, and faculty at UC Berkeley, seeks to develop creative arts and media strategies, works, and spaces devoted to visioning and growing participatory social change. During the Spring 2012 semester, the group will meet regularly in the Hearst Field Annex, Rm. D33, and will invite U.S.-based artists to campus, to work with students and to help develop research questions and threads, formulate working modes that travel off campus and back again, and organization short- and long- term projects – all geared toward the development and implementation of new curricular approaches Fall 2012.

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