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Eliza Slavet: Experience Art!

Eliza Slavet (UC San Diego): $5,000.00 for Experience Art! (Open Classroom)

“Experience Art!” is a program of 1-unit P/NP courses administered by Sixth College’s Culture, Art & Technology Program. Based on the model of the freshman seminar, these courses will be limited to a maximum of 20 students and will be graded on participation and attendance. Courses will be structured around hand on art experiences (concerts, theater, dance performances, exhibits, site-visits etc.) which the students and faculty-member will attend together and discuss beforehand and/or afterwards, often with guess speakers drawn from the artists/curators involved with the event.
 The purpose of this program is two-fold: (1) The program will create a structural framework in which Sixth College students will be able to engage with the rich artistic and cultural life on and off campus, particularly that which grows out of the research of faculty in the arts departments on campus. (2) The 1-unit courses will be used to fulfill up to 2 of the 8 units of Sixth College’s General Education requirements in practical hands-on experience in the arts.

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