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Education in Action: Mobilizing the next generation for social reform An Experiential Learning Conference at Sixth College

Don’t miss UCIRA Co-Director Kim Yasuda presenting at the Education in Action: Mobilizing the next generation for social reform An Experiential Learning Conference at Sixth College!

DATE: January 26, 2012
Cross-Cultural Center, UC San Diego

Organizers: Diane Forbes Berthoud, Practicum Director, Sixth College, Jim Lin, Acting Provost, Sixth College, and Liz Losh, Director of Academic Programs, Sixth College.

Today’s college students, a decade into the millennium, have come of age in a post-9/11 world, characterized by multiple wars and divisions, a dismal economic climate, high unemployment, and significant political, social, technological, and cultural shifts in our global society.   Read more…

The Deadline for proposal submission has passed.

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UCSD’s Sixth College invited submissions of individual and panel proposals from university and community college instructors, employers, practitioners, students, community organizations, activists, and others who are interested in Experiential Learning.   Read more…


8:00-8:30 Registration at the Cross Cultural Center, Price Center
8:30-8:50 Opening Remarks – Comunidad Room
Jim Lin, Former Acting Provost, Sixth College, UCSD
Diane Forbes, Practicum Director, Sixth College, UCSD
9:00-10:15 Session A

A1 :: Comunidad Room

Experiential Learning in the Arts

A2 :: Art Space Room

Public Dialogue

A3 :: Library Room

Digital Literacy and Design

A4 :: Conference Room


A5 :: Price Center East Forum

Experiential Learning in STEM disciplines

10:30-11:45 Session B

B1 :: Comunidad Room

Experiential Learning in Writing Programs

B2 :: Art Space Room

International Education

B3 :: Library Room

The Arts

B4 :: Conference Room

Student Development and Experiential Learning Impact

B5 :: Price Center East Forum

Engaged Pedagogy at High Tech High, San Diego

12:00-1:00 Lunch

Special Feature Lunch Panel :: Comunidad Room — All are invited

1:15-2:30 Session C

C1 :: Comunidad Room

UCSD/Community School collaborations

C2 :: Art Space Room

Social Justice/Equity

C3 :: Library Room

Experiential Learning in Underserved Communities

C4 :: Conference Room

Leadership Development

C5 :: Price Center East Forum

UCSD/ArtPower! Film/High Tech High campus-community collaboration

  • Art Power: Developing Collaborative Community Connections Around Project-Based Learning Initiatives, Rebecca Webb, Elizabeth Yang-Hellewell, Margaret Noble, Rachel Nichols, Michael Trigilio, UCSD, ArtPower!Film, and High Tech High
2:45-3:45 Session D

D1 :: Comunidad Room

Transformative Effects of Student Internships

D2 :: Art Space Room

Student Well-Being

D3 :: Library Room

Experiential Learning in Engineering

D4 :: Conference Room

Experiential Learning Dialogue Process

D5 :: Price Center East Forum

Residential Life

4:00-5:00 Session E

E1 :: Comunidad Room

International Education

E2 :: Art Space Room

Recruitment and Retention

E3 :: Library Room

Leadership Development in Business

E4 :: Conference Room

Experiential Learning in Underserved Communities

E5 :: Price Center East Forum

UCSD-Community Collaborations

5:00-5:30 Closing Remarks – Comunidad Room
• Dan Donoghue, Diane Forbes, Jim Lin, Elizabeth Losh, UCSD

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