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Dusadee Huntrakul: Free Rock-Like Objects for People

Dusadee Huntrakul (UC Berkeley): Free Rock-Like Objects for People. April Mini Grants

Along side her other works, tracing Aihwa Ong’s “Buddha is Hiding” using graphite tracing method and nine collage drawings of which will be exhibited as a part of Singapore Biennale 2013, she aims to create a number of small fired and glazed rock-like objects that are made by clay from Thailand and Cambodia. These rock-like objects will be given for free to the exhibition visitors. She hopes to communicate conceptual implication of giving rock-like objects is to suggest how to utilize existing art institutions to give, receive, and share various form of labor. More, the rock-like object can be viewed as itself or to be used as a tool to imagine representation in numerous ways.

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