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Dual, Opening Reception at UC San Diego

a parallel drawing show between two and three-dimensions

Opening reception: Friday, January 18th from 5-7pm
Location: Experimental Drawing and Sculpture Studios at SME, #201 and #202.

Working side by side, this co-exhibition presents a spectrum of drawing possibilities undertaken by a diverse group of artists whose work evolves from two-dimensional practices, investigations of sculpture and space and much in between. As an opening conversation the exhibition includes artists bound in the process of drawing as a form of witnessing, an articulation of surface, a material exploration, a diagnostic, a suspension of time, a constellation, a spatial inquiry, a social untangling, an interspecies meeting place, a proposition for the unbuilt.

The show includes artists from the Visual Arts Department’s MFA and PhD Practice programs working in the Experimental Drawing and Sculpture Studios housed in the recently inaugurated Structural Materials and Engineering Building at UCSD.

Kate Clark
J Noland
Catherine Czacki
Matteo Orsini
Gary Garay
Matthew Savitsky
Emily Grenader
Nichole Speciale
Max Karnig
Allison Spence
Aitor Lajarin
Hermione Spriggs
Vanessa Martinez
Joshua Tonies
Dominic Paul Miller
Nathan Wade
Joshua Jon Miller

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