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Dreams of the Darkest Night: Works by Vanessa Marsh and Sean McFarland at the UC Davis Richard L. Nelson Gallery

UC Davis Richard L. Nelson Gallery
Opens 03/29/2012
Panel Discussion 4:30 PM


Discussion will focus on experimental photography, narrative and truth.


Panel: Vanessa Marsh, exhibition artist; Sean McFarland, exhibition artist; Blake Stimson, UC Davis professor and photography historian; and Renny Pritikin, moderator and Director of the Nelson Gallery


Two Northern California photographers are featured in the Spring exhibition at the Nelson Gallery: Dreams of the Darkest Night, with work by Vanessa Marsh and Sean McFarland. Both artists hold MFAs from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and both practice experimental forms of photography. Marsh makes photograms, which are images made on photo paper without the use of a lens. The earliest celebrated practitioner of the form was the emigre American surrealist, Man Ray, in the early 20th century. Marsh has reinvigorated the genre with large narrative images that have the illusion of depth, and employ grays as well as blacks and whites. McFarland’s most recent body of work are large color images from nature that are very dark, almost all black, giving the viewer the feeling the he or she is glimpsing a dream in the depths of the darkest night.

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