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Antoinette LaFarge: Demotic

Antoinette LaFarge (UCI Art) Faculty

About the Project: “Demotic” is a new mixed-reality performance project featuring a single character, Memory, represented by a group of both stage and online performers speaking as the plurality of “voices within” America and reflecting on the current state of the nation.  ”Demotic” will explore two-way improvisation between the inhabitants of ordinary reality and virtual reality and experiment with layering and processing of the spoken word to create a sound-scape environment.

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About the Artist:

  • Professor of Digital Media, Studio Art Department, UC Irvine
  • Associate Director, UCI Game Culture and Technology Lab
  • Director of Academic Computing, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UCI.
  • Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UCI

Antoinette LaFarge has a particular interest in constructed realities, including computer-mediated performance, net-based improvisation, online role-playing games, avatar performance, playable media, nonlinear narrative, fictive art, and geofiction. Recent new media performance and installation projects include Hangmen Also Die (2010), Playing the Rapture (2008, 2009), Demotic (2004, 2006), The Roman Forum Project (2003), and Reading Frankenstein (2003). She has co-curated two groundbreaking exhibitions on computer games and art: “ALT+CTRL: A Festival of Independent and Alternative Games” (2003) and “SHIFT-CTRL: Computers, Games, and Art” (2000) at UCI’s Beall Center for Art and Technology.

She was the founder and longtime artistic director of the Plaintext Players, a pioneering Internet performance troupe founded in 1993 that has appeared at numerous international venues, including the 1997 Venice Biennale, documenta X, and UpStage festivals. She is also the founder and director of the Museum of Forgery, a virtual institution dedicated to opening up the cultural dialogue around forgery and related practices such as appropriation. She is associate editor of the anthology Searching for Sebald (ICI Press, 2007), to which she is also a contributor. Other recent publications include “Eisbergfreistadt: The Fictive and the Sublime” (Visual Communication Quarterly, 2009), “A Meditation on Virtual Kinesthesia” (Extensions, 2007), “Media Commedia” (Leonardo, 2005), “25 Propositions on the Art of Networlds” (Anthology of Art, 2002), and “Marcel Duchamp and the Museum of Forgery” (Tout-Fait, 2002). From 1995 to 1998 she served as Guest Editor of the annual Digital Salon issue of Leonardo.

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