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Decline & Fall Documentaty at UCRA Sweeney Gallery

Decline & Fall
By Erika Suderburg

Special Screening, Saturday, March 3,
4:30 p.m., free admission

Erika Suderburg’s Decline & Fall, 2007, 80 minutes, is an experimental feature-length documentary about aerial bombing, reconstruction, mass protest, and monumentality. Spanning historical and present day images from Rome, Yucatán, Berlin and Los Angeles this work examines empire; its artifacts, structures and collapse. Through archival footage of the bombing, aerial reconnaissance and rebuilding of WWII Berlin, contemporary footage of a 2.8 million person peace march in Rome at the start of the Iraq war, a neighborhood candlelight vigil in Los Angeles, and stockfootage of astronomical events in and around Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, Mexico this work decomposes the macro and micro movements of destruction, memorialization and everyday life. A discussion and Q&A follow the screening with curator Tyler Stallings and filmmaker Erika Suderburg.

Limited seating for film: RSVP for free tickets at

This discussion is then followed by the regularly scheduled Friday/Saturday night film program thatbegins at 7 PM, so make it a double feature with the Peruvian film, Octubre, Saturday, March 3, Film 7 PM, General $9.99 online/front desk, Student w/ID $5 front desk only. Octubre is the purple month in Lima, when the grey city’s somber tones give way to processions celebrating the Lord of Miracles. The film’s restrained painterly cinematography tracks the throngs of devotees who light candles and follow the processions, each in search of their own miracle.

Decline & Fall is shown in conjunction with UCR Sweeney Art Gallery’s Post Pacific Standard Time: Three Artists in Los Angeles from the 1980s, an exhibition in dialog with the Getty Foundation’s city-wide initiative, Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980 presented in multiple venues from fall 2011 to winter 2012. While the Getty exhibitions focus on art movements andartists that developed in Post-World War II southern California, this exhibition will pick up where the time period under examination ends. Post Pacific Standard Time will feature three artists—Jill Giegerich, Jim Isermann, and Erika Suderburg—who graduated just before or in the 1980s, then began to exhibit soon thereafter, followed by critical attention, solo exhibitions, and inclusion in museum collections.

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