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David Gere: PCI-Media Impact’s “Soap Operas for Social Change”

David Gere (UC Los Angeles): $1,000 for PCI-Media Impact’s “Soap Operas for Social Change”. Co-Sponsorship

PCI-Media Impact, a leader in Entertainment-Education (E-E) and communications for social change. In this unique workshop, students will learn about PCI-Media Impact’s methodologies, including the “Sabido Method”. Miguel Sabido is considered by many to be the father of E-E and demonstrated its success in relation to reproductive health issues in Mexico. Led by PCI-Media Impact Executive Director/CEO Sean Southey, and Communications Manager Alex Cottin, students will brainstorm, script, shoot, edit, and present five 3-minute episodes of a new soap opera for social change, specifically addressing sexual health issues identified by UCLA students.

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