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CHIME Application Deadline: Postmarked October 1st, 2012

Last month CHIME staff held free application workshops in San Francisco and Los Angeles for the 2013 program year. Click on the links below to view video clips addressing some of the most commonly asked questions about the application process for both programs. To download the 2013 CHIME in Southern California Guidelines and Application visit:

What is CHIME about? Process Vs. Project Oriented

Making your case to the panel

What makes a compelling work-sample?

CHIME in Southern California is available to professional choreographers of all dance styles. Choreographers from different generations and at different stages of their career are encouraged to apply.

Previous Grantees:

Pilot Year: 2008
Simone Forti (Mentor) and Rae Shaolan Blum (Mentee)
Rosanna Gamson (Mentor) and Bradley Michaud (Mentee)
David Roussève (Mentor) and Olivier Tarpaga (Mentee)

Represented Disciplines and Mediums: African Dance, Contemporary Dance, Experimental Dance, Film and Digital Video, Improvisational Dance, Modern Dance, Performance Art and Theater.

Lynn Dally (Mentor) and Mythili Prakash (Mentee)
Doran George (Mentor) and Julie Tolentino (Mentee)
Victoria Marks (Mentor) and Mira Kingsley (Mentee)

Represented Disciplines and Mediums: Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Modern Dance, Classical Indian Dance, Performance Art, Experimental Dance, Site-Specific Dance, Dance on Film, and Multi-Media Performance.

d. Sabela grimes (Mentor) and Emiko Sugiyama (Mentee)
Lionel Popkin (Mentor) and Arianne MacBean (Mentee)
Oguri (Mentor) and Prumsodun Ok (Mentee)

Represented Disciplines and Mediums: Hip Hop, Experimental Dance, Modern Dance, Butoh and Cambodian Dance.

Cheng-Chieh Yu (Mentor) and Sheetal Gandhi (Mentee)
Julie Tolentino (Mentor) and Jmy James Kidd (Mentee)
Stacy Dawson Stearns (Mentor) and Gregory Barnett (Mentee)

Represented Disciplines and Mediums: Modern and Contemporary Dance, Dance Theater, Performance Art, Site-Specifc and Installation-based Performance, Classical Indian Dance.

Funding for CHIME in Southern California has been provided by The James Irvine Foundation, with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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