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Cheng-Chieh Yu: Leaning on a Horse Asking for Directions

• Cheng-Chieh Yu (UC Los Angeles): $10,000.00 for Leaning on a Horse Asking for Directions

The proposal is to secure funding for a collaborative dance/ media project, “Leaning on a Horse Asking for Directions.” The project focuses on developing an approach to the use of 3D filmmaking to investigate my choreography and its post-modern dance embodiment as it relates to BaGuaZhang form (Chinese Martial Art) and applications. This interdisciplinary project features a collaboration between dance media scholar Ted Warburton, Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz and Montreal based film makers, Phillip Szporer and Marlene Millar, and myself, choreographer Cheng-Chieh Yu/ Associate Professor, UCLA. The project is described in a four-phase series of development, with this grant to support phase one and in part, phase two. The initial exploratory phase with collaborators and dancers in residence, will be dance studio-based at UCLA, with active hands-on 3-D film tools. Our project will be included in the summer Hot House Residency Program, August 6-26, hosted by the Department of Worlds Arts and Cultures/ Dance. Phase two is slated for UC Santa Cruz in mid Dec. 2012 hosted by the Theater Arts department.

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