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Center For Cultural Innovation (CCI) Funding Your Artistic Work Workshop in November

To register: or call (213) 687-8577.

Funding Your Artistic Work

Stephen Sondheim famously said, “Art isn’t easy. Even when you’re hot. Advancing art is easy. Financing it is not.”

Artist/entrepreneurs in today’s marketplace need to rethink their expectations about project fundraising. Participants will increase their knowledge about grants and learn the importance of exploring a variety of fundraising tools in order to increase their unearned income and produce more art.

In this workshop we will:
1. Help you broaden your perspective on project fundraising options for
individual artists.
2. Consider project fundraising basics such as developing your database,
creating budgets and determining where to best focus your efforts.
3. Discuss the lay of the land and grant strategies for individual artists.
4. Introduce new fundraising ideas, beyond grants, that can be incorporated
into project fundraising plans.

Corbett Barklie is committed to deep engagement with artists and artist collectives whom she believes are the backbone of the creative community. It is the brave new work undertaken at the grassroots level that informs the field, ultimately shapes the work of arts institutions, and expands the palate of the arts consumer. As an arts coach, Corbett works to re-define the idea of “stabilization” by looking beyond individual organizations and their ability to exist for long periods of time. Her work focuses on stabilizing the flow of high quality artistic impulses and product with minimal corporate infrastructure.

Corbett was the founding Director of Loretta Theatre, the Executive Director of ARTS Inc., and served as the Deputy Director of Development for Center Theater Group. She worked with the NEA as an assessor and consultant in their Challenge & Advancement Program. Since 2002, Corbett has been an
Adjunct Professor in the University of Southern California, School of Theatre. She also produces theater and writes essays.

This workshop is designed for individual artist of all disciplines who are interested in improving their fundraising skills. This workshop is limited to 25 students.

Date: Thursday, November 17th, 2011
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, 244 S. San Pedro
Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Cost: $40 (BOA/CCI Members) / $50 (Non-Members)

LOS ANGELES ARTISTS AND ARTS ADMINISTRATORS MAY BE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR TUITION REIMBURSEMENT THROUGH THE CREATIVE CAPACITY FUND. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO If you are interested in a Creative Capacity Fund scholarship for this workshop, you must submit an application by October 15th.

To register: or call (213) 687-8577.

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