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Cassie Riger: 3-2-1 CONTACT

Cassie Riger (UC Irvine): $1,000 for 3-2-1 CONTACT. May Mini Grants

3-2-1 CONTACT is a multi-media pedormance art piece, which will be presented near29 Palms, CA as part of the exhibitionThe Familiar Unfamiliar.The performance explores the militarized desert landscape as the intersection of science and spectacle, myth and possibility. The script is drawn from popular and educational science texts, which take on a ritualized or fairy-tale quality as they are dramatically enacted in the outdoor desert landscape. 3-2-1 CONTACT and.The Familiar Unfamiliar will coincide with High Desert Test Sites,the California site-specific art festival, which engages local communities and draws large audiences to the desert every year.

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