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Call For Relational Artwork

Call For Relational Artwork -

Catalytic: Communities/Networks/Participation

We are interested in what is going on in art right now. As entertainment, critical resistance, or one more commodity fetish, art can provide an outlet for those of us who dream of revolutions and utopias. We want to track the diverse ways in which art is currently being produced with catalysis in mind.

We are looking for projects, proposals, propositions, participatory actions, performances, behaviors, street acts, acting out art, art acting out, politicized situations, situations that involve politics, and anything else considered or not considered under the heading of art.

Art practices that abandon the modernist concept of “pure” art and the self-sufficient object for something more project-based, communal and open-ended, like a collective work-in-progress; and artists who in their production methods open up new conceptions of their audience as being more directly participatory and collaborative. We welcome all kinds of relational and social practice artwork, including proposals for new projects done in response to this call.

In an attempt to be relational in our curating, we intend to look at each work in the exhibit from its own internal logic and artistic praxis, and then map possible connections between works and the lines of flight they open up. Rather than force fit the art into a curatorial master plan, we hope to dialogue with what emerges through ongoing exchange between artist, work, and audience. The premise behind our thinking is that catalysis will not happen with homogeneity, but that new emergences will spontaneously generate if the dynamics are made sufficiently complex and multiple. We welcome work that is already in your repertoire, just emerging, or somewhere in between, think of your work as having a layover in the setting of the university.

This group exhibition is being curated by a CSULB art history seminar taught by Dr. Karen Kleinfelder on the possibilities and limitations of relational art.

An online catalogue is being constructed and can be accessed at Please log on to the website for complete submission information.

Dr. Karen Kleinfelder

CSULB Art Department

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90840-3501

Key Dates and Deadlines

· Submissions due on Monday, October 11th

· Acceptance notifications on Thursday, October 21st

· Delivery of work/set-up on Friday, November 5th

· Exhibition reception on Sunday, November 7th from 5-7 pm.

· Pick up or artworks on Wednesday, November 10th

For more information, please contact:

  • Dr. Karen Kleinfelder (
  • Michael Wilde (
  • Marielos Zeka (

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