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Call for Papers: Geography and the Arts

by Association of American Geographers

July 27, 2011

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is sponsoring a special set of sessions examining Geography and the Arts at its upcoming Annual Meeting in New York, to be held February 24-28, 2012.

The AAG welcomes abstracts and proposals that engage topics and methods at the crossroads of geography and the arts, broadly conceived to include the literary arts, performance and new media as well as visual art. Organized sessions and papers should address geographic perspectives or technologies and their relationship to painting, dance, photography, new media, literature, or any other arts discipline or practice. Proposals examining arts or cultural institutions are of course also welcome.

While an increasing number of artists and writers have recently begun exploring geographic perspectives, technologies and subjects through their work, many geographers have at the same time begun to explore the potential of artistic expression to investigate and analyze the world around them. Many of these creative, interdisciplinary projects are experimental in nature, and their academic practitioners lack a core journal or specialty group around which to coalesce, just as artists or writers exploring various aspects of geography may lack the galvanizing agent of a particular artistic movement or school.

This special track of sessions seeks to bring together those working at the interdisciplinary boundaries and intersections of geography and the arts – including geographers working as artists or exploring artistic works, strategies, or institutions, and artists or writers whose provocative explorations of space, place, landscape, scale, GIS, cartography, or other aspects of geography makes them de facto practicing geographers. Proposals for organized sessions, workshops, field trips, or other events are also welcome.

Those interested in participating or proposing a session should submit an abstract of approximately 250 words by September 28, 2011 at, and should also send the abstract to with “Arts Sessions” as the subject line. (Also, please include “Art” in the keywords field when using the abstract submission console.)

For additional information please contact AAG Special Projects Coordinator Jim Ketchum at

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