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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA
10/04/2012 – 10/05/2012


This conference will address contemporary food challenges from interdisciplinary perspectives by exploring new possibilities for sustainable food production and human nutrition. The aim is to consider the dimensions of a ‘new green revolution’ that will meet our human needs in a more effective, equitable and sustainable way in the twenty-first century.


Members of this knowledge community include academics, teachers, administrators, policy makers and practitioners in food communities. Contributions range from broad theoretical and global policy explorations, to detailed studies of specific human-physiological, nutritional and social dynamics of food. Other topics are welcome, and should focus on the food sciences in the areas such as, but not limited to agricultural and environmental food sciences, food industries and markets, and local and global food sociologies.


Location: In 2012, The Food Studies Conference is strategically held in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois during the Midwestern harvest season. This is the home of the land-grant University of Illinois, located in the United States’ agricultural heartland. With cutting-edge research at the University, and a full range of agricultural endeavors in the community, ranging from large agribusiness to urban farmers’ markets, Urbana-Champaign represents an ideal location for the Food Studies community to gather.


This year’s conference will feature a special panel discussion highlighting Urban Food Hubs and their evolving role in the local agribusiness and food industry arena. Conference tour activities will feature an exclusive farm-to-table dinner at Prairie Fruits Farm where participants will experience the slow foods movement first-hand in a unique outdoor, field-side setting. Urbana Champaign can easily be reached by commuter plane, train and road from Chicago and Bloomington, Illinois.


Proposals: We welcome presentation proposals which range from broad explorations of theoretical, methodological and policy questions, to proposals which present finely grained evidence of the connections of economics, public health, government and community practices, sociological, medical and educational perspectives of food in our societies. Presenters will have the option to submit to be published in the refereed ‘Food Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.’


Proposals must be in English, include a title, a 20-30 word “Short Description” (thesis statement), a 200-300 word “Long Description” (abstract), and can be submitted electronically through our website. For more information regarding proposal submission requirements and to submit your proposal, please visit the conference website at:


Virtual Proposals/Registrations, as well as Non-Presenter Registrations are encouraged to submit and attend.


Submission Deadlines: Deadlines will be announced on the conference website. Papers and proposals will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. The deadline to receive the Early Registration Discount is May 4 2012.


For full submission and registration details, including an online proposal submission form, please visit the conference website.


We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join us in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA in October 2012.

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