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Call for Art from LA & NY Artists

After years of enjoying and featuring artwork from around the world, Artist Portfolio Magazine is branching out and zooming in. They want to know what is happening in different regions of the art world; if each magazine focuses on a particular region or city, will trends emerge? This year, they decided to find out and are now accepting submissions from artists living in Los Angeles or New York for a special edition that will feature the two cities side by side.

This issue will feature artists who present a unique voice and also artists who seem to exemplify common themes in their community. Artists: whether you believe your work represents a larger trend or a unique voice within your city or community, Artist Portfolio Magazine wants to see it- and they want to feature it on their blog. Select artists will be featured in their online art magazine, which averages over 40,000 unique readers per issue. Go to their website for full details and to enter.

Open to: Artists residing in LA or NY

Medium: Visual art including painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture etc, performance art, video art and short films or short stories.

Deadline: October 3rd, 2013

Submission fee: $35 for three images. All artists are featured on Artist Portfolio Magazine’s blog

Submit Online:

Deadline: 10-03-2013
Artist Portfolio Magazine
Los Angeles, CA

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Contact: Artist Portfolio Magazine

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