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California Council for the Humanities Accepting Applications for California Story Fund

Deadline: November 15, 2011

The California Story Fund is a competitive grant program of the California Council for the Humanities designed to capture genuine and compelling stories from and about California’s diverse communities, and to ensure that those stories can be shared widely.

The council seeks proposals for story-based projects that are informed by humanities perspectives, methods, and content; that reveal the realities of California and its cultures, peoples, and histories; and that will be of interest to local, statewide, and potentially even national and global audiences.

For this round of the story fund, applicants are encouraged (but not required) to submit proposals for story-based projects that will examine the meaning of democracy in alignment with the council’s Searching for Democracy initiative. Story ideas could include, but are not limited to exploring how a group of neighbors came together to improve their community; documenting the experience of becoming a citizen or voting for the first time; sharing the challenges a group has faced in exercising their right to practice freedom of speech or religion; or examining an instance when a community tried to resolve conflicting views of “the common good.” Stories could address the experiences of new immigrants or of an established community, focus on young people or elders, or explore an incident in the past or a story that is currently unfolding.

All proposed projects require the participation of at least one humanities advisor, who could be, for example, an academic, a community elder, an independent scholar, or recognized field expert.

To be eligible, applicants must have California tax-exempt organizational status or partner with a California tax-exempt organization that will serve as a fiscal sponsor.

Applicants may request up to $10,000, which must be matched by at least an equivalent contribution of non-federal funds or in-kind services and materials or any combination thereof. The council will generally not fund CSF projects with a total budget greater than $50,000.

Visit the CCH Web site for complete story fund application guidelines, forms, and examples of funded projects.

Link to Complete RFP

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