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CalArts named top school for arts-minded students

by Los Angeles Times

The California Institute of the Arts has been named the best school for arts-minded students in a new national ranking from Newsweek.

The recently released ranking, one of 25 that Newsweek has published covering various areas, puts CalArts on the top of the pile for creative students, beating out a number of other presitigious institutions. The ranking isn’t for the country’s best art schools, but rather for “campuses that offer an exceptional artistic atmosphere” — a rather vague and subjective standard that the publication said it measured using data from different sources.

Located in Valencia, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles, CalArts offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various artistic fields. Prominent former students include Tim Burton, Don Cheadle, Sam Durant, Ed Harris, Catherine OpieĀ  and Julie Taymor.

CalArts was followed in the ranking by Emerson College, Berklee College of Music, New York University and Mannes College in New York.

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