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Building Community Through Books, Poetry and Essays–Poetry Prize available!

Building Community Through Books, Poetry and Essays

Zócalo Public Square has announced they will be sponsoring a $1,000 poetry prize to the U.S. poet whose work “best evokes a connection to place.”

“Place” may be interpreted by the poet as a place of historical, cultural, political or personal importance; it may be a literal, imaginary or metaphorical landscape. We are looking for one poem that offers our readers a fresh, original and meaningful take on the topic. Like everything else we feature, we will most be on the lookout for that rare combination of brilliance and clarity, excellence and accessibility.

The award will be judged by Zócalo’s poetry editor Stephanie Brown. Just last March, Peter Lovenheim won the organization’s book prize for his work In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time.

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