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Bert Winther-Tamaki: Keynote lecture by artist Okazaki Kenjiro

Bert Winther-Tamaki (UC Irvine): $1,000 for Keynote lecture by artist Okazaki Kenjiro . Co-Sponsorship

Okazaki Kenjiro (b.1955) is a well-known Tokyo-based artist and writer. Okazaki will be participating in a two-day meeting of the Japanese Arts and Globalization (JAG) group, consisting of approximately 79 faculty and graduate student members from several units at UCI (Art History, East Asian Lang and Lit, History, and Art) as well as UC campuses and other institutions throughout California. The JAG conference, “Commensurable Distinctions: Intercultural Negotiations of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture,” will be held at UCI on Jan 31-Feb 1, 2014; it will focus on visual culture in Japan in relation to transnational ideas and forms, and the question of commensurability and difference. Mr. Okazaki will speak about a recent curatorial, theoretical, and artistic project that redefines the medium of sculpture through comparison with practices associated with graves and tombstones.

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