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Barbara Drucker: Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer (CIR@H)

Barbara Drucker (UC Los Angeles): $5,000 for Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer (CIR@H). Open Classroom Challenge

Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer (CIR@H) is an innovative and ambitious pilot project, designed to strengthen and advance student and teacher learning through a unique weeklong, immersive experience at the UCLA Hammer Museum. Developed by the Visual and performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE) in UCLA’s School of the arts and Architecture, in collaboration with the Hammer Museum and the UCLA Community School, this ground-breaking project provides a collaborative, multi-faced, co-cognitive learning experience, with an emphasis on arts-integration, for 60 sixth grad pupils, 2 UCS classroom teachers, UCLA undergraduates, graduates and faculty, along with Hammer Museum educators, curators, artists, and staff.

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