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Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley September 2014 News

by Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley – A think tank for the arts.

As the Arts Research Center celebrates its 15th year on campus as the only research unit dedicated to advancing research in the arts, we will continue to provide a forum for unique and exciting programs and events. Join us this year for bracing conversation and cutting-edge collaboration in the domains of inter-arts inquiry and of art and social change.

ARC Debuts New Website

The Arts Research Center is delighted to announce the launch of our new website:

As part of our redesign, the site is easier to navigate, richer in its offerings, and a great deal more attractive. View current opportunities, browse past events, and look through our resource pages. Our popular ARC Muses blog has been incorporated into the site so you never have to be far away from an exciting conversation in the arts! We look forward to hosting you!

ARC Publishes 2012-2014 Biannual Report

This summer, ARC published our biannual report, documenting all the events and programs we produced over the past two years. During 2012-2014, ARC dramatically expanded its outreach and scope of activity. It developed new ways to engage faculty and increased the number of public and educational events it organizes each year. ARC added new types of programming, edited exciting publications, and strengthened existing partnerships on and off campus. ARC is building collaborations within the University and with local and international organizations, augmenting its limited resources through successful grant proposals and actively increasing its private support.

Read the 2012-2014 Biannual Report online!

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