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Artist Calls and Opportunities: Lucid Art Foundation Residency 2015

Lucid Art Foundation Residency 2015
For California artists

Deadline: 11-01-2014

The goal of the Lucid Art Residency Program is to provide artists with a serene, retreat-like environment for creative exploration. In line with the mission of the Lucid Art Foundation, artists are supported in their inquiry into consciousness, art and nature.

The Lucid Art Foundation encourages contemplative nonfigurative exploration through automatism, multi-media, conceptual, eco-art and interdisciplinary approches. Inquiry into arts and consciousness is at the heart of the Foundation’s vision and our residency program.

The residency will provide a space to live and a studio called the Ark to work. The Ark studio was built in 1960 and was used by painter Gordon Onslow Ford, painter John Anderson and mixed media artist Fariba Bogzaran. The studio has recently been made available for artists in residence.

During the residency, artists will meet with a artist and educator who will discuss and give feedback on the work created during the residency.

Artists will have access to the Foundation’s extensive Library Resource Center. The Library contains books by many modern, surrealist and contemporary artists such as Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow Ford, Wolfgang Paalen, Remedios Varo, John Anderson, Lee Mullican and Morris Graves, among others.

Deadline: 11-01-2014
Lucid Art Foundation
Inverness, CA

Contact: t.c. moore
Phone: 415.669.7585

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