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Artist Call- True Colors 2

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 1, 2013

True Colors 2 will, no doubt, reprise the visual excitement of the original True Colors show. Once again, color—in all its glory—will be the theme. Bring on your palette: bright, eye-grabbing colors or soft pastels; deep, mysterious shades or natural earth tones; perhaps psychedelic colors. Dazzle us with your expert use of color in your dynamic imagery. If color is an integral part of your digital art or photography, we want to see your work!

All visual artists and photographers worldwide—whether professional, nonprofessional, or student—are eligible to submit their digital artwork for this exhibit. Entrants under age 18 may enter only if a parent or a guardian enters on their behalf. Every discipline, genre, style, and school of thought within digital art and photography is welcome.

Important Dates
Entry Deadline: June 1, 2013
Online Exhibit: Begins early July, 2013
Physical-Gallery Exhibit: Dates to be announced

All images selected as True Colors 2 finalists will appear online. Works awarded a Gold Stellar Art Award will be invited to appear in a physical, “brick-and-mortar” gallery exhibit at a later time. We reserve the right to extend entry deadlines and change exhibit dates.

Online Exhibits
Jurors will review submissions and will choose, for presentation online, all images they find meritorious. These selected works will appear in solo online galleries, each devoted to only one artist or photographer. These solo galleries will display work distinguished by the jurying process and thus will provide artists and photographers a showcase where art curators, patrons, and collectors can view works that have already been “vetted” by art experts.

Online exhibits begin as a “Current Exhibit” and are later archived, during which time all selected images remain in the solo artist galleries, available for viewing and, if the artist or photographer desires, for sale. (Artists and photographers may choose not to offer their images for sale online.)

Plans are already being made to create permanent solo galleries that will showcase all of an artist’s or a photographer’s juried selections from previous Digital Arts: Californiaexhibits. We expect that these permanent galleries will become an important source of “vetted” artwork for art curators, collectors, and patrons.

Physical Exhibits
Works that have been awarded a Gold Stellar Art Award will be eligible for exhibition in a physical gallery setting. Such exhibits will be held periodically and will combine these award winners from various Digital Arts: California online exhibits. How often such physical exhibits are held will depend on the volume of entries to our online exhibits as well as other factors.

Selection of the finalists that will appear online in solo artist/photographer galleries will be made by Virginia Christensen and Glen Christensen. Virginia has enjoyed a long career as an editor and a publisher of photography and art books, and is, herself, an accomplished photographer. Glen has had a distinguished career as Art Director at major record companies in both New York City and Hollywood. Among his professional accolades have been two Grammy nominations for Best Album Package. To learn more about the backgrounds of Virginia and Glen, see the “About” section of this website.

Winners of the Gold Stellar Art Awards and Stellar Art Awards will be chosen by Virginia, Glen, and a distinguished guest juror.

Entry Fees
Entry fees are $25 for the first 5 (or fewer) images, and $4 for each additional image.

For more information and to pay online visit:

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