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Artist Call- The Representational Art Conference

Deadline: 09-12-2012

The Representational Art Conference
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ventura, CA

October 14th – 17th 2012

There has been a neglect of critical appreciation of representational art well out of proportion to its quality and significance; it is that neglect that this conference seeks to address. By its nature, 21st century representational art is not to be thought of as simply a return to 19th century realism, but as an open-ended exploration of possible new directions. The conference is planned as a focused but non-doctrinaire event, of serious academic standards. What is the role of representational art in the twenty-first century? What are its sources and directions? How might it shape the art world?

TRAC2012 keynote speakers are: Jed Perl and John Nava.

The Representational Art Conference, 2012, presented by California Lutheran University, offers three days of lively discussion in the delightful seaside city of Ventura, California, including keynote speakers, academic papers, panel discussions and exclusive demonstrations by prominent artists, bringing together thought leaders and practitioners who share an interest in the practice of the traditional studio techniques of sculpture, painting and drawing media in the 21st Century.

Call for Papers

CLU Art Department invites artists, critics and academics to join us to celebrate and explore the direction of representational art in the 21st century. We are particularly interested in papers that explore the positive possibilities of representational art. We encourage inclusivity and diverse perspectives. We welcome papers that explore a variety of topics, including the following:

Meaning in 21st Century Representational art
Representation and imagination
The roots of the 21st century representational art movement
Approaches to beauty in contemporary representation
Politics, artists and collectors
Understanding emotional responses to representational art
Breaking the boundaries of style
Gender and sexuality in 21st Century representational art
The place of representational art in a postmodern world
Tradition and revolution – the avant garde atelier
Representational art and new technology
Esotericism in Contemporary Representational Art
Submit your abstract on the conference website at

Deadline: 09-12-2012
California Lutheran University
Ventura, California

Contact: Michael Pearce

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