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Artist Call- The Music Within

From Classical masterpieces, to soulful Jazz melodies, to the latest hits playing on the radio, we’ve all had the experience of being touched by a piece of music. When you close your eyes while you’re listening to these songs that move you, you can almost see them come to life. Wassily Kandinsky was famous for his ‘Compositions,’ in which he strove to create a ‘pure painting’ that would provide the same emotional power as a musical composition. “The Music Within’ is your chance to share your visual adaptation of a composition, song, or lyric that has moved you.*

All artistic mediums will be considered.

*Please provide the name of the song or the lyric to which you are referring in the description for your piece of artwork.

Deadline: 09-16-2013
Blue Line Arts
Roseville, CA

Contact: Katie Curler
Phone: 916.783.4117

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