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Artist Call -The Davis Art Salon Presents: Degenerate Art

The Davis Art Salon Presents:
Degenerate Art

Deadline: March 30th, 2014

THE UC DAVIS ART HISTORY CLUB WANTS YOU TO SUBMIT images of your works to the email below for our consideration. We have a limited number of spots in this show and will be offering them to artists who fit our theme best: Degenerate Art.

Degenerate Art is a show that carries heavy historical baggage. As many of you know, in 1937 Nazi controlled Munich, a show entitled: Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) took place. This show tried to display modern art in a negative way by portraying the artists as insane. While this is not the goal of this show, we hope it will feature art so radical and new that even some individuals today would consider it to be degenerate. For this reason, some of the art featured in this show may be considered controversial and could potentially offend people sensitive to violence, sexual content, etc. This disclaimer may prove to be unnecessary depending on how our artists (you?) interpret the theme.

The Davis Art Salon circumvents the traditional curatorial system of exhibition by creating a platform where THE COMMUNITY CURATES. It is an open source event that will accept submissions from any member of the Davis, Sacramento, or surrounding local communities and ANY PERSON IN ATTENDANCE CAN VOTE privately for whom they think should win. That’s right, The Davis Art Salon is having an OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS. The following two-week exhibition will feature the work of the winner in detail. The Davis Art Salon will take place at The Nelson Gallery on April 11th from 7-9 pm and ON PICNIC DAY until 5:00 pm. Be sure to invite all your friends so they can cast a vote!

E-mail for more information or visit:

Criterion For Admittance

1) All submissions must be made by March 30th. All artists should submit images of up to three of their works to All rights to these images will remain yours. If you submit the full three images, we are more likely to find a piece that fits our theme.

2) All paintings must be smaller than 3’x3’. All 3-D objects/art installations must be smaller than 3’x3’x6’ (LxWxH) and cannot be anchored. All hung pieces must be less than 25 pounds. Performance art and videos will not be considered for this exhibition for practical reasons of judging.

3) Your submissions must be loosely related to the theme: Degenerate Art.

4) If you receive an email in response, you must be prepared to drop off your work on one of our exhibition development days, April 10th or 11th.

5) You must be prepared to be in attendance for the show on April 11th from 7-9 pm in order to answer any questions from the public about your work and to give a brief introduction to your piece.

6) If your work is selected, you and you alone are liable for its safety. Neither The Davis Art Salon, The Nelson Gallery, nor The University of California is liable for any damages or theft of your art before, during, or after The Davis Art Salon.

7) All members of the community present at the event will be allowed to vote on the selected works for The Davis Art Salon. The winner will be awarded with a two-week exhibition of his or her work. All artists who submit work to the show should be prepared with a portfolio of 5-20 artworks so that they will be ready to exhibit if they win.

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