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ARTIST CALL: St. Anthony Place-Making Public Art Request for Statements of Interest

Kounkuey Design Initiative
Coachella Valley, CA


Overview: Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) is seeking an adventuresome public artist to develop and implement public art enhancements integrated into a community center project in Eastern Coachella Valley, California. This is a great opportunity for an artist interested in working with a community, and in particular the youth of the community, in creating a site-specific installation that encourages place making.


Site: The site is an open square in St. Anthony Trailer Park in Eastern Coachella Valley. With more than 120 un-permitted mobile homes housing the working poor, the Park has some of the worst residential conditions in southern California.


The land is privately owned by Pueblo Unido CDC, a non-profit organization currently developing a master plan to improve park conditions. KDI in partnership with Pueblo Unido CDC and community members are addressing housing, open space, access, food security, sanitation and water in a pubic space project.


St. Anthony is home to around 600 people, with youth composing almost half of the residents. Artists will work with KDI, a nationally recognized urban design non-profit, and residents to develop the site and infrastructure for the public artwork, and work on site to create the art. KDI has designed the new public space through a participatory design process with the residents.


The opportunity for the artist is broad. In collaboration with residents, KDI has designed a shared public space to create a working heart of the community. The new design includes a gathering space for community meetings and micro-enterprise, recreational play spaces for children, and a community garden. The site will feature design elements to provide shelter from sun and wind and beautify the area.


• The Gathering Space will enable the community to meet and organize around issues of health, transportation, social justice, and the environment.
• The Community Garden will enable residents to address issues of food security, nutrition, and economic sustainability.
• The Play Area will encourage youth to be physically active, foster creativity and imagination, and learn important social and group skills.


The artwork will be installed within this new community space. While not theme specific, the artwork should reflect the community and surrounding landscape. There is an opportunity to used recycled, natural, or landscape materials from the surrounding area. The artist can work with the community on acquiring material.


The selected artist may work with the youth of the community to create the piece. Youth and adults can serve as apprentices and will also serve as a guiding body for the appropriateness of the piece within the community space. The artist’s project will include cultural and community engagement activities. The piece may be incorporated into a number of different components on the site including: high garden fence, low surrounding fence, gate creation, stage, kiosk, or playground. The piece can be designed as a temporary installation to remain for 18 months or a permanent installation.


Professional artists and instructor-led college level classes are welcome to apply.


At this stage there is no funding for the public art. KDI anticipates supporting the project with grant applications to fund the artists’ work and public art elements. KDI will also work with the community to help the artist find temporary residency if desired. If the piece is incorporated into existing designs of the public space there may be a small budget for materials. KDI works with donated materials and services, and will include the artists’ materials in our material searches.


The St. Anthony master plan and preliminary design of the community public space have been completed. The artist will begin working with the community to design and source materials in late March/April 2012. Construction of the community public space will begin in late March 2012 and the art installation will be constructed in conjunction with park construction.


Qualifications including a resume, 10 images of previous outdoor work, and a letter of interest addressing why you are interested in this project and what you might propose for the installation by February 15th, 2012 to Jessica Bremner at Please refer to the attached image of the site and public space design.


For more information you may call or email Jessica Bremner at 213-985-1222 or For more information on Kounkuey Design Initiative and our projects please visit

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