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Artist Call- Sepulveda

Deadline: 11-01-2012

Project Description:
Non-profit organizations New Directions, Inc. (NDI) and A Community of Friends (ACOF) are seeking a local Los Angeles-based artist to design two immobile, free-standing outdoor artwork installation for a new housing development for formerly homeless and disabled veterans. NDI and ACOF are partnering to rehabilitate and convert two former hospital buildings into 147-studio apartments with on-site supportive services, a community room, classroom space, a commercial kitchen, dining hall, and a beautifully landscaped courtyard and garden area. The project will be available for occupancy in summer 2013.

Artwork Scope and Requirements:

The housing development consists of two 73 unit apartment buildings, and the commissioned artwork will be an integral part of each building’s entrance. The artist should conceptualize something unique for each entrance. The design should be welcoming to residents and visitors and should express gratitude to our veterans for their service to our country.

Professional artists with experience working in permanent materials, such as murals, mosaics, metals, masonry, and stone are encouraged to apply. Artwork that must be fastened or structurally attached to the existing buildings in any way will not be considered. The estimated budget for each building, including design, labor, and materials, and permits is $50,000-$75,000.

After selection, the contracted artist will be expected to submit architectural/engineering plans for his or her design. The contracted artist will also be expected to independently research and acquire any permits necessary for construction or installation. NDI and A Community of Friends will reimburse the artist for permitting fees as part of the total budget. After the project is completed, the artist will give NDI and ACOF explicit and comprehensive maintenance information/instructions in writing.

Selection Process:

NDI, Community of Friends, and the project architects will review and select a winning proposal.

The design should honor our veterans for their service and express gratitude for the sacrifices they have made for our country. Additionally, NDI, ACOF and the project architect will consider:

The artist’s experience working on public art projects or similar projects
The artist’s expertise in any durable three-dimensional media, including masonry, metal, stone and ceramics
The artist’s incorporation of green design or use of sustainable materials
How well the project works with the surrounding context
The artistic merit of the project
The long-term durability of the project and the ease of maintenance
Preliminary Site Visit:

Because the New Directions Sepulveda site is currently under construction, artists may not visit the project individually. An NDI or A Community of Friends project manager will lead a tour of the site in September 2012. If you are interested in attending the site tour, please RSVP to Ben Rosen at Please include your name, email address, and the best phone number to reach you.


All submissions must be received by November 1, 2012.

Within 30 days of the site visit, artists must submit their qualifications and a proposed design.


A professional resume highlighting relevant work experience on public art projects or art projects of a similar scope (Please limit to 3 pages).
A visual portfolio highlighting projects of a similar scope. Please submit a digital portfolio with no more than 15 images.
Please label each image with artist’s first initial and surname, and a number corresponding to the image list. (Ex: hjones1, hjones2, etc).
Please include an image list with a brief description of each photograph. Including the date and location of the work, a brief project description, materials and dimensions, budget, and the commissioning agency or client.
If submitting by mail, images should be on a CD-ROM in JPEG format, PC compatible, unlocked downloadable, and appropriately sized.
If submitting by email, attached images should be in JPEG format, PC compatible, unlocked, downloadable, and appropriately sized.
Artists may choose to submit links to images of three previous projects, but please be sure that all of the descriptive information requested above is clearly provided.
Three professional references, preferably from public art commissioning agencies or clients Please include phone numbers and email addresses.
Proposed Design:

Preliminary conceptual or architectural drawings conveying the artist’s idea, the proposed scale of the project, and the materials to be used in the project (maximum of 3 pages)
Preliminary budget with projected costs and schedule

Delivery: Please mail all qualifications and design proposal materials in one envelope to:

New Directions, Inc.
Attn: Director of Housing
11303 Wilshire Blvd. #116
Los Angeles, CA 90073

Deadline: 11-01-2012
New Directions Inc, Communtity of Friends
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Ben Rosen

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