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Artist Call – RFP for Public Art

Villa Catalina South 1, LLC and the City of Redondo Beach Public Art Program seek a single completed and available for purchase public artwork to be located at the new Villa Catalina South 1, LLC Redondo residential/condominium site, located on the northeast corner of Catalina and Avenue A: 816 South Catalina Avenue, 201 #A, 201 #B, 201 #C and 201 #D Avenue A, Redondo Beach, CA. The budget for the purchase of public artwork and installation is not to exceed $40,000.

Project Summary: Villa Catalina South 1, LLC is creating Villa Catalina South 1, a five unit condominium project in the City of Redondo Beach. Villa Catalina South 1 will be a 15,000 square foot privately owned condominium project which is located one block from the ocean. The developer seeks to purchase one original public artwork to be prominently displayed on the exterior of the condominium site, located on the northeast corner of the property. Artworks need to be completed and installed at the completion of construction of Villa Catalina South 1, by December 15, 2014.

The public artwork sought can be traditional, transitional, or contemporary in design with a strong emphasis on either beach environmental art, and or historic Redondo Beach significance. Two examples have been included as demonstration of both literal and abstract influence, 1) Literal Interpretation – Lighthouse, 2) Abstract Interpretation -Kinetic Art Sculpture. The art needs to be low maintenance and durable. The location of Villa Catalina South 1, is one block from the ocean and submitted artworks should meet all standards for sustainability in a marine environment. The selected artwork for the site should be not exceed (12) feet in height. Villa Catalina South 1, LLC will provide a concrete base or pedestal for the artwork. Villa Catalina South 1, LLC will provide for exterior lighting of the artwork, and/or a power source in the event the chosen artwork features an electrified element.

Artists must submit the cost for the artwork, and a breakdown for ancillary expenses including shipping, installation, transportation insurance, artist travel and accommodations, color rendering(s) of the proposed exterior public artwork, and any potential design, construction and installation notes, including material(s), palette, scale, required footings, pads, electrical or water service, security, and approximate weight when installed. Artists must also submit information on the environmental sustainability of any artworks, including as a result of human interaction. Any artwork submission must also include a construction/completion timeline. The submitting artist also needs to provide any engineering review/specifications.

Villa Catalina South 1 will consist of a new 15,000 square condominium project. The style of the project is traditional and will have greening/landscaping. The building’s exterior is colored with natural and stained wood tones, and painted with natural light earth tones. The process to select and award an artist/project would include a review of proposals by Villa Catalina South 1, LLC. Recommended proposals would then be evaluated by relevant City Commissions including the Public Art Commission. The public art project of the Villa Catalina South 1, LLC, Redondo shall be the property of Villa Catalina South 1, LLC.

The Project is open to all Redondo Beach based artists or design teams, age 18 or over, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or the presence of a physical or mental disability. One public artwork will be selected. Villa Catalina South I, LLC, in conjunction with the City of Redondo Beach Public Art Program, will identify and select the public artwork to be procured for the development.

Following the close of the submission deadline, February 18, 2014, all proposals will be reviewed by Villa Catalina South 1, LLC and City staff. Following review, all valid proposals will be reviewed by the Public Art Commission. Villa Catalina South 1, is scheduled to open in December, 2014. Public Artwork installation should be completed and installed by December 1, 2014.

Please use the RFP Submissions Checklist when preparing your submittal packets. All materials submitted should be labeled with your full name, an indication of the top, and the date. Do not submit any original work or bulky binders or portfolios. Submissions on disc or attached electronic file are encouraged.


Villa Catalina South I, LLC – Art Program – Villa Catalina South 1
C/O Obelisk Architects
3800 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA 90505


Redondo Beach Public Art Program-Villa Catalina South 1, Redondo Beach
Attn: John La Rock
Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center 1935 Manhattan Beach Boulevard Redondo
Beach, CA 90278

Deadline: 02-18-2014
City of Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach, CA

Contact: John La Rock
Phone: 310.318.0644

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