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Artist Call- Renewing the Renaissance seeks artists with challenges

Renewing the Renaissance is seeking up to ten artists to be hired on as employees. Under our direction, artist employees will be creating artwork commissioned by our clients. Qualifying applicants will be expected to complete up to three pieces of art per month working out of their personal studio. Artists will be treated as employees for compensation purposes.


We are targeting artists (painters and sculptors only) with HFA, Asperger’s Syndrome, or significant executive functioning or medical challenges. Applicants must fit the following criteria for consideration:

  • High school graduate
  • Age 21 or over
  • U.S. Citizen or resident
  • Comfortable working with computers, programs such as Excel and Word, and digital cameras for documentation purposes
  • Must have internet access in or near studio
  • Have a strong commitment to being an artist
  • Have a passion for creating exceptional work involving the human and/or animal figure


  • Base salary above minimum wage
  • Excellent bonus package tied to sales
  • Stock options in start-up company
  • Supplies and art-related costs reimbursed
  • Benefits package after three months of employment


  • Eco-friendly business environment where you will focus on your passion, NOT on marketing/selling your work, customer and business problems, etc.
  • Work weeks generally 40 hours/week, no more than 8 hours/day; days and times TBD
  • Artists will work closely with an art manager including daily contact
  • Artist must be comfortable working with reasonable deadlines and commissioned work
  • Continue to work out of your current studio
  • Work involves some interaction with other artists online or conference calls on occasion
  • Ongoing education provided in various online forms


You must submit ALL items at the same time to be considered.

  • One-page art resume with contact information, etc. Please place in body of email.
  • YouTube posting or links to sites showing at least 10 examples (in color) of painting or sculptures involving human and/or animal form
  • Discussion of your challenges (HFA, medical, etc.) and what being a full-time employed artist would mean to you
  • Artist statement (be sure to include your preferred subject matter and style of painting/sculpture)

Applications that do not fulfill all requirements will be rejected. Submit all materials together in one email and send to Please include artist call/your name in the subject line.

Rolling deadline for receiving applications. Please do not re-apply if you responded to an earlier call.

Absolutely NO PHONE CALLS!


You will be contacted either by phone or email if you have been selected as a candidate for employment. Government-issued ID (either US Passport or birth certificate and driver’s license) will be required before a final job offer can be made.

Artist employee testimonials:

“…an amazing opportunity for me . I feel like I won the lottery. ”

“Renewing the Renaissance has opened a door I’ve been trying to find for years now.”

“…the coolest boss ever. “

Deadline: 12-31-2013
Renewing the Renaissance
San Jose, CA

Contact: Susan Davis

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