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ARTIST CALL: Platform Gallery Call for Visual Artists & Writers

Deadline: 12-15-2011

Originating from the French word plateforme, meaning ‘ground plan’ or ‘flat shape’, PLATFORM is an exhibition to bolster the careers of young international artists though the submission and display of two-dimensional printed media in order to benefit both the community and artists by creating a bridge between the individuals, communities and cultures.

All submissions to PLATFORM are completed online and must adhere to the theme and specifications set by the curators. Because of the online submission process, PLATFORM does not require artists to pay submission fees or ship physical art objects creating an opportunity for artists to participate regardless of their location, income or nationality. Each artist will submit one JPEG and one PDF of their piece and, if selected, the IHC will create a high-quality print of the PDF to display in the gallery space and online archive.

As a program of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC), PLATFORM works with the resources that the IHC provides such as a space in which to show the work, printing facilities and exposure to a diverse audience. Since the IHC regularly hosts public lectures, conferences and events, PLATFORM establishes an international network between artists, scholars and the community.


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