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Artist Call- Metro seeks photographic services

Photographic Services (Environmental Portrait Photography)

Metro Creative Services is seeking to contract with a professional photographer with
expertise in environmental portrait photography. The photographer will provide
portraits of artists commissioned by Metro to create public artworks for the Metro
transit system.

Scope of Work
-Photographer shall shoot numerous frames to obtain various exposures, and
perspectives/viewpoints of each artist in her/his studio.
-Photographer shall present a broad selection of images from which Metro
shall select and approve the final 4 deliverables for each artist’s portrait.
-Photographer shall be responsible for obtaining photo release signatures from
each artist prior to shooting portraits. Metro shall provide release forms.
Photographer shall coordinate all studio visits with the individual artists.

Portraits shall be taken at each artist’s studio. Studios are located in neighborhoods
throughout Los Angeles County. Scheduling of studio visits should consider
geographic adjacency of neighborhoods for maximum efficiency.

Project entails photographing a total of 102 artists.

-Photographer shall provide (4) portraits of each artist. Portraits shall include
head shots and full body within their studio environment.
-All photos shall be high resolution TIFF for a total of 408 photo images.

-Services shall be provided as an independent contractor to Metro with no
employee benefits.
-Selected photographic images shall be used by Metro in the development of
collateral materials. All photo images selected shall become the property of
Metro upon payment to photographer.
-All photo images shall be furnished with unlimited rights, including copyrights,
to Metro and shall be free from any proprietary restrictions.
-Metro cannot guarantee crediting the photographer in Metro publications and
printed materials.
-Metro shall provide artist contact information.
-The selected photographer will provide General Liability and Automotive
Insurance. If the photographer has employees, Workers’ Compensation
Insurance shall be required.


Payments will be based on the final, agreed-to project amount negotiated between
photographer and Metro. Metro reserves the right to not award a contract.

Payments are scheduled for the following intervals of completion:
-Deliverables and Metro acceptance for 34 artist portraits (33.3%)
-Deliverables and Metro acceptance for additional 34 artist portraits (33.3%)
-Deliverables and Metro acceptance for additional 34 artist portraits (33.3%)
Total deliverables: 102 artist portraits (100%)

Period of Performance
Full photographic services and deliverables must be completed within six months of
contract execution.

Evaluation Criteria
-Quality of past environmental portrait photography work as evidenced in
portfolio of photographic samples (40%)
-Environmental portrait photography experience as evidenced by resume (20%)
-Cost quote for scope of work and deliverables (20%)
-Ability to meet Metro job conditions and schedule (20%)

Submittal Requirements
Interested professional photographers must submit:
-A letter of interest
-Current professional resume
-Digital portfolio of environmental portrait photography work samples (10 to 12
images, TIFF or JPEG, maximum file size 5MB/image)
-Line item budget quote (Submit Cost Quote Page, Attachment A)
-Minimum of three client references related to previous photographic jobs

Submittals must be received by Metro by 5:00 pm on April 22, 2013.

Email submittal materials and portfolio samples to with the
subject line: Photographic Services (Environmental Portrait Photography).

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