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Artist Call – Lure Exhibition in San Diego


Opening February 3; Reception on February 6, 2014

Running through February 27, 2014

The Latin root of seduction means “to lead astray” — and Lure intends to do this in ways both lighthearted and dark. We are seduced by distraction, hooked on the quick hit of social media, and enticed by a constant churn of information. We oscillate between desire and satisfaction, constantly on a path of detours, drawn to what is bright, shiny and new. This is not a judgment; it is an evolutionary fact. But where does that lead us?

Lure will examine concepts of temptation, attraction, deception, repulsion and satiation. What captures us? What holds our attention and for how long? When does attention translate to value?

This exhibition will have a special focus on light, sound, performance and kinetic art. There are opportunities for immersive pieces inside and outside the gallery, including the entryway and courtyard. (All works must be ADA-compliant). Lure provides an opportunity to question concepts of public space and gallery space, creator and audience.

San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery is located in Building D101 of the Mesa College campus. Attendance at opening receptions ranges upwards of 350-400 people. The Gallery has an established promotional strategy that incorporates press contact, email, print and social media.

Performance pieces will be scheduled for the reception only. Following the February 6th event, regular gallery hours are Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday from 11-4 pm and Thursday, 11-8 pm. The gallery is closed Friday to Sunday.

Applications are being accepted now and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until December 4. To submit an application, send a short description of your artwork to curator Susan Myrland, Include whether the piece is proposed, in progress or completed; images, if available; whether it has been exhibited or performed before; dimensions; electrical requirements; your experience with similar pieces; and contact information. Installation will begin January 13. The Mesa College Museum Studies class is available to help with installation.

This exhibition is open to artists in California and Tijuana. There is no fee to participate. Mesa College does not take a percentage of sales but donations are greatly appreciated. Artists are responsible for all materials, shipping and transportation costs, and must be able to pick up their work by March 3rd.

San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery

7250 Mesa College Drive, San Diego CA 92111-4998

Deadline: 12-04-2013
Mesa College Art Gallery
San Diego, CA

Contact Information
Contact: Susan Myrland

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