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Artist Call: Into the Wild Unknown in San Francisco

Tsubaki Designs Artist Coalition Call to Artists:

Into the Wild Unkown Submission Deadline for concepts and proposals: October 30th and November 30, 2011

T.D.A.C., a curated online resource for contemporary/modern art, invites artists to submit work to an open application call. From this open call, 10 artists will be selected and inclusion in our upcoming featured artists blog.

Each artist can directly share their work, accomplishments, and events with the audience of arts professionals who visit the blog/art promoting sites daily. The New Artists Feature will publish to our homepage and by newsletter on January 28, 2012. Applications must include CV and proposal. For more information and to apply, please send an email to:

Open to all local artists (photography, fine art, graphic design).Open to all local artists (photography, fine art, graphic design).Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works that encompass anything related to nature and organic design.

If you do not have a website you can send prints or media portfolio’s along with your CV and proposal to:

Gestalt c/o Arts Inquiries 3159 16th Street San Francisco, California 94110

Deadline: 11-30-2011
San Franisco, CA

Contact: Sarah
Phone: (650) 440-7544

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