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Artist Call- Important Information About Fiscal Sponsorship at the MAP Fund

Deadline: 10-17-12

The MAP online Letter of Inquiry (LOI) will open on September 4, 2012.

Before the cycle begins, we want to clarify MAP’s policies around Fiscal Sponsorship
in an effort to better protect both the artists who receive MAP grants and the organizations
that sponsor them.

The MAP Fund requires that all Fiscal Sponsor organizations meet the following criteria:

* Sponsoring organizations must be 501c3s, certified by the IRS for a minimum of
two years;
* Organizations must have a history of working with artists in the performing arts
* Organizations’ mission and bylaws must contain an explicit policy on fiscal sponsorship
for artists.

In addition, beginning with the upcoming grant cycle, Fiscal Sponsors will be required
to provide a copy of their contract with sponsored artists, detailing the specific
terms of sponsorship, including the fee structure (if any) and the manner and approximate
schedule for the transfer of funds to the artist, should he/she receive a grant.
Contracts must be signed by both the organization and the artist, and must be uploaded
directly into MAP’s online LOI application before submission. No sponsored applications
will be accepted without an attached contract.

If you are an independent artist who intends to apply for a MAP grant this year,
we strongly suggest you contact your sponsoring organization now to confirm their
ability to meet the requirements and prepare a contract.

Fiscal Sponsorship at MAP
The MAP Fund grant is awarded to nonprofit organizations, as opposed to individuals. However, individual artists and unincorporated ensembles may apply to MAP through a Fiscal Sponsor. Fiscal Sponsorship is a financial arrangement by which a nonprofit organization provides a legal umbrella to an independent artist, making that artist eligible for a greater scope of funding. Sponsorship is usually provided in exchange for a fee from the artists, and often includes a range of other services such as professional development and networking opportunities. MAP requires that applicants demonstrate a sound and legal arrangement between artists and their fiscal sponsors, and that a mutually signed contract between artists and fiscal sponsor be submitted with a Letter of Inquiry application.

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