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Artist Call: HeART & Soul ~ Take a Deeper Look

HeART & Soul – Take a Deeper Look

Soul Art Shows is a collaboration between Jennifer Lothrigel & Joey Paynter with the intention to showcase art that has been created from the deepest places within and tells the story of what is going on within the artist. These works have been created intentionally with a therapeutic or soulful intention that we hope impacts the viewer in a significant way.

In this way we propose that art is a medium for expression and healing that is valuable both therapeutically and for the sake of increased consciousness.

Please fill out this form and send it to: along with your paid submission fee. There is a link for payment below.

Entry Requirements:

-Work encompassing all styles and genres from emerging and established artists are encouraged in this exhibition. Examples include, but are not limited to paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, mixed media, performance, video, etc.
-Works must meet the theme of ‘Take a Deeper Look.’ Works should aim to express to the viewer a sense of what the artist is feeling within.
-Artist must be 18 or older and may be living anywhere in the United States. Work must be ready to install. Artist must be present during the exhibit.


-Submit up to three works of art (no size restrictions) per submission. Multiple submissions are accepted.
-Artist must submit images in JPEG format via email or provide a link to view the submitted entries online.
-Include information for each work of art submitted by filling out the information located at the end of this form.
-Include a short artist bio.

Submission Deadline: Early submission deadline: May 24, 2013, Late Submission deadline: May 31, 2013

Selection Process: All work will be juried by a panel of 5 judges.

Notification to artist: All artists will be notified on June 3, 2013 through email

Accepted Artwork Guidelines: Artist agrees to help set up and take down their own art as well as bring all components necessary for the display of their art including but not limited to easels, display cases, lights, electric chords, etc.

Artist agrees to arrive at Tree House venue by 12pm on June 22nd for setup and be present to take down their displayed work at the end of the show at 10pm. Artist agrees to leave their art up for display for the entire length of the show.

Date of Exhibit: June 22, 2013 from 4:30-10pm.

Sales: Artist agrees to pay 10% commission on all items sold during the show to Soul Art Shows.

Submission Fee: $15 for up to three works by early submission date. $25 after

Payment accepted online through website.

Deadline: 05-31-2013
Soul Art Shows
Costa Mesa, CA

Contact: Jennifer L
Phone: 714.3933.797

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