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Artist Call – Gems II: An exhibition of small works

Gems II is a juried, small works show with a focused approach on exquisite, intricate,intimate works of art on a small scale. With a size limit of 7” X 7” X 7”(unframed), the works of Gems II are intended to draw the visitor in close and create an intimate viewing experience. For example, if a piece that is7” X 7” X 7” is submitted with a 24” frame, it is still eligible. Artists may submit up to 8 images. Multiple works can be submitted as a single piece or together in groupings/grids to create series, narratives, or a larger work as a whole. This exhibition presents an opportunity for artists who normally work on a larger scale to venture out of their comfort zone, and for artists who produce small works to shine.

Deadline: 11-06-2013
Arts Benicia
Benicia, CA

Contact Information
Contact: Mary Shaw
Phone: 707.747.0131

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