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Artist Call – FAS Commissioned Art Project (CAP)

For SF Bay Area artists

Farber Art Services – Commissioned Art Project (CAP)
Calling out for oil and acrylic paint art submissions for a new custom home decorating service as part of my business. We will be selecting several artists to be featured in our FAS Artist Catalog.

More About the CAP

In my business, I’ve found many of my clients having a blank wall and are looking for art that is special, unique and describes their personal aesthetic. This project is designed to assist my clients in finding the perfect artwork at an affordable price.

The CAP has three basic elements:


Size (Panel) – Using my eye for design and placement, I will determine the size of art that will be an ideal fit for their space. Based on the clients selection, I may at times provide the artist with a Farber Art Services custom panel. The panel will be made using ΒΌ” plywood with 2 inch sides. This may also be covered with Canvas, based on the client or artists preference. In most cases, the selected artist will provide the panel.

Color (Finish) – I will take photos of key color components of the interior space in which the art will be hung. This will determine the color scheme for the commissioned art. The client will determine their preferred finish; glossy, semi-gloss or matte.

Content (Portfolio) – The online portfolio contains a collection of art images from San Francisco-based artists on our secure website. The art will be cataloged by style (figurative, architectural, abstract, landscape, etc.) and price (based on the final cost of a commissioned 3′ x 5′ piece, roughly $4000). Once logged in, clients can select an image that appeals to them.


I will contact the artist that the client has selected to determine if they wish to participate in the project. If the artist agrees, I will supply the artist with color components and image of the art that the client selected. They will then have two weeks to complete their work. When the artist is ready, they will send me a photo to share with the client for review. This allows the client their one opportunity to make any adjustments to the artwork. When complete I will schedule a pickup, delivery and installation for my client. If the client likes the art I will collect the full amount, half goes to the artist and half goes to Farber Art Services. If the client is doesn’t like the piece they have the option of a 30 day trial or the art will be returned to the artist. Ideally, the entire process will take four weeks. Upon delivery the artist will be revealed to the client. The client can then contact the artist directly for any further edits or information.

Deadline: 01-01-2014
Farber Art Services
San Francisco, CA

Contact Information
Contact: Karin Carson
Phone: 650.245.8644

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