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Artist Call – Display your art in Palm Springs, California

Elena Bulatova Fine Art is committed to presenting a diverse selection of contemporary fine art. The gallery offers a dedicated staff, regular hours, and professional service to both our clientele and the artists we represent.

Gallery Space Rental:

Rent walls – for short-term exhibition opportunities, ideal for emerging artists or new comers to Palm Springs who want to test the local art market, we do rent wall space in our common areas. Wall rental fees are based on a full month rate

Wall rates range in price from $150 – $500 based on the wall size and location in the building.

Elena Bulatova Art Garden has common area gallery arenas that can be rented for short-term exhibitions.

The rental fees for the exhibition walls are stated for a whole month period and include every Thursday Art walk Events attended by hundreds.

Fees and Guidelines:

Art Garden space is available at rates listed below the gallery also receives a 30 % commission on works sold.

What we Offer:

The gallery is open every day and staffed 85 hours a week.

The gallery offers an on-line calendar on the gallery web site and social media resources indicating what artists are featured each month, and announcing upcoming and current exhibits. The gallery will also promote new work via Email press releases, and will allow artists to take advantage of the gallery mailing list if they elect to promote their work via direct mail.

Although the gallery will not pay promotional expenses, gallery staff will dedicate a portion of their time to promoting the work of artists currently showing.

If an artist or organization wishes to hold an opening reception, the cost of the reception and all promotional expenses is paid by the artist.

Artist showing with the gallery will have a large amount of flexibility regarding what work is shown, however the gallery retains the right to refuse work deemed unacceptable due to content, quality, presentation, or any other issue. Work must be presented in a professional manner with ample space allotted for each piece presented. Gallery staff operate as senior curator for all works on display, in order to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism.

When compared to a typical gallery arrangement where the gallery takes a 50% commission on sales, our business model differs in the following respects.
-Higher net return on sales as profits increase.
-Lower net return on sales if profits are low
-Shared risk (up-front investment with a possible loss if profits are low.)
-Regular display of work in a pre-defined space determined by the artist’s investment.
-Artist has control over what work is shown and the amount of space allotted

Deadline: 05-31-2014
Elena Bulatova Fine art
Palm Desert, CA

Contact: Sam Goldman
Phone: 442.400.9793

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