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ARTIST CALL — Collaborative Art Platform Seeks Artists and Writers

For California artists

Calling artists of all disciplines!

Pair Shaped is an online platform seeking artists of all types to showcase original work. Selected contributors engage in creative dialogue with fellow artists from different disciplines to explore new approaches to practice, narrative and use of medium.

Artists will collaborate and develop series of works featured on our new site set for launch in August 2014.

Our Process
- Two or more artists from different disciplines participate in a share-and-response exchange, or creative dialogue or original work.
- These work entries are collected into fully realized series based on developed ideas and themes.
- Series are published one entry per day on our website for people to consider and engage.

More artists connect. People discover new work. The process continues.

Join our growing network of artist collaborators!

For further information on how to submit, please visit:

Deadline: 09-03-2014
Pair Shaped
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Melissa Karlin
Phone: 661.618.9340

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